Thanksgiving Sunrise

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everybody is enjoying the time off and spending it with people they love. And more importantly, Go Bluejays! Hopefully R.A Dickey can pull off the start of his life and give us a shot to bring the series back to Toronto.

I decided last night that I should get up early and shoot the sunrise. I was going to get in a good breakfast and hop on the bike and be all healthy and everything. Instead my lazy ass got up late, I scarfed down a banana and hopped in the car and drove to the beach. As I was running from my car to the water, the sky was a gorgeous bright pink. By the time I set up my tripod, it was gone. The sun had already broke the horizon after I put my camera on the aforementioned tripod. But a reddish orange glow still emanated and I quickly snapped this shot. The shutter speed of 1/10s softened the waves a little bit but still allowed some texture. I’m a sucker for deep colours and an ethereal moody look to photos, so boosting the saturation pleased my eye.

I also shot this one a few minutes later with the sun slightly higher in the sky.

Thanksgiving Sunrise

This week’s photo challenge was to show off your “happy place.” Time and time again, I find myself returning to Ashbridges Bay to photograph. I guess there’s something soothing about standing alone and listening to the sound of waves lapping on the shore, or simply something nostalgic as I spent a lot of time down there as a kid. But it’s always a sure bet to catch a good sunrise and sunset. Best avoided during summer weekends when it’s overcrowded.

Ashbridges Bay-7
Sunset at Ashbridges Bay near the Yacht Club

Thanksgiving Sunrise - 2



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