First Engagement Shoot #MJSPECIALDAY

Hello and happy Sunday everyone!

I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Justyna and Mario last night. And as I write this post, I’m super hungover. They’re a gorgeous couple and they know how to throw a good bash. I can wholeheartedly confirm that Polish and Italian people know how to drink their vodka and wine.

Months before, over some drunk conversation I’m sure, these newlyweds approached me and asked if I could take some engagement shots for them so they could create a photo book. I hopped on the chance not only to do my first engagement shoot and gain some experience, but have some fun with my camera and good friends. I spent several hours on pinterest looking for photo and posing ideas.

We decided on Evergreen Brickworks park for the first shoot. It was a scorching hot day for September with overcast skies, and we got a late start, so we we’re fighting for light. But, for my first shot, I had to make their handsome son Luka the centre of attention. Holding his mom’s wedding ring, he gave them his blessing.

Justyna and MarioJustyna and Mario-25Justyna and Mario-26Next, the lovely couple. I quickly found that directing and shooting people is much harder than shooting landscapes. Doing things a little more candidly may have been a better route. Having to pay attention to timing, facial expressions and posing, all the while getting the right settings on the camera was a challenge.

Justyna and Mario-3We hiked a little to the lookout for a view of the skyline. The heels had to come off for a break. Justyna and Mario-4With the heat and without much light left, we decided to take more photos another time. Leuty Lifeguard Station at Ashbridges Bay was my next choice.

I thought another close up shot of the rings would be nice. I don’t have a macro lens but at least a ladybug decided to jump into the frame.Justyna and Mario-15But before moving on to more shots, lemme take a selfie.Justyna and Mario-9This one is one of my favourites. Justyna and Mario-8After a short walk on the beach, the couple needed some refreshments. Justyna and Mario-7Justyna and Mario-10Justyna and Mario-12With the sun setting, we took one more shot in front of the lifeguard station.Justyna and Mario-17All in all, it was a great learning experience to take to my next engagement shoot, for whoever wants them. But most importantly, I’m super happy that Justyna and Mario made me a part of their special day. I wish you guys nothing but love as you journey through life together.

Bridge to SunsetSalute and Na zdrowie.



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