Secluded Beach Sunset

Praia da Ursa-2I escaped the big city of Lisbon for the last few days and stayed in a small town called Sintra, about 50 minutes away by train. From there, I decided to take the bus over to Cabo do Roca, the westernmost point in Portugal and Europe to see the view.

The real reason I came to Cabo do Roca however was that I heard there is a nice little secluded beach called Praia de Ursa a short hike away, between the cliffs. Naturally, I had to go and bring the camera. The nice Portuguese girl at the hostel told me “ursa” is the word for female bear. The large pointy rock is “Ursa” and I think the little rocks are her babies.

Praia da Ursa-1

After chilling on the beach and going for a dip, I got the camera ready for sunset. The waves were pretty big and I think I destroyed my ND filter when one of those waves smashed into a rock, and then me and my camera. After snapping the photos, I had to dry up and quickly hike back to the main road before it got too dark and I would have been stranded, or dead. Thank god for headlamps! Although camping on the beach may not have been a bad idea…….

Here’s a view of the beach from part way up the hike.

Praia da Ursa from Trail

This place is definitely a must see when in Portugal.



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