Postcard from Porto

My trip is winding down and I’m spending my last night in Lisbon. I spent the lat 4 days in Porto, a beautiful ocean city in the northern part of Portugal.

I shot the above photo at dusk on a mostly cloudy day. I was hoping at least some sun would poke out and it did. It gave the Rio Douro a nice warm orange glow. On the north side of the river is a nice little quaint village with restaurants. On the south side, there are many different wine cellars, housing millions of litres of port wine. Port wine is a sweet wine with grapes grown in the Douro region. It’s also 20% ABV. I took a tour of the “Croft” wine company.

Spanning the river is the Ponte de Luis 1. A beautiful bridge you can walk across, above and below, that lights up beautifully at night.

Here’s another view from the south side, just at the end of blue hour.

Porto Douro River at Night

Cheers to a great vacation. See you soon Toronto.



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